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Mary Jo
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Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook is the co-author and publisher of the original Healing Touch Notebooks with Janet Mentgen. She is a pioneer and elder in the Healing Touch Community having served in leadership roles since 1990's in Healing Touch community that continues to today.

She brough HT to Australia, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa as well as practicing, teaching and mentoring HT students throughout the USA and Canada often with Janet as a co-facilitator. Her work with advanced training with the Hara has been captured and built on over the years leading to other innovations in the HT community.

As a master practitioner and educator she is also on the leading edge of interdimensional communication as an evidence medium. Currently Dr. Bulbrook is the Dean of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Programs as well as the Division of Continuing Education at Akamai University. Programs in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees that accept the HT training and is offered through distant education.

Mary Jo is a worldwide leader in innovative programs that meet specific needs with a heart centered family and holistic approach. She has the founding energy of Janet Mentgen integrated within her being. Janet was her friend, guide and colleague on this road to health, healing and innovations in energy therapies. She practices holistically and integrated her work as a nurse and psychotherapist blending meridian therapy, TT, Touch for Health and Energy Psychology in her worldwide practice and teaching of HT and other modalities including her own original training: Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine.

She is the co-founder of the HT Wisdom Council that was launched in January, 2017 with Dr. Penny Burdock..

Energy Medicine Partnerships
I charge for mentoring, I mentor individuals, I will mentor long distance, I am accepting new mentees

I have been practicing and teaching Healing Touch since 1980's including teaching all levels including instructors training and advanced practice. In addition opportunities exist to receive university credit for your work and advanced training that supports your healing practice. In the spring of 2018 I will be launching a Meridian Therapy Enriching a HT Practice series through HT Professional Association.

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