Sandra Carey

Sandra Carey


Psy.D., M.S.

HTCP Certification Record

United States
1280 Iroquois Ave, Suite 404

Sandra is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Nutrition and Health Educator and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner.  As a therapist, she offers compassionate, informed and relevant therapy.  Sandra specializes in issues related to depression and anxiety, grief and loss, women's issues, mindfulness, nutrition and mental health and living vitally throughout the life span.

As a Nutrition and Health Educator, Sandra offers assessment, information, guidance, and support on many issues pertaining to dietary patterns. This enhances the work done in psychotherapy, decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and strengthening mind, body, and soul.  In addition, she offers instruction on choosing healthy foods, cooking meals that meet individual needs, and working through various barriers to a healthy relationship to food and body image, with a focus on Binge Eating Disorder.

Sandra is a  Healing Touch Practitioner. Healing Touch is an energetic modality that promotes healing at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  She has found this work especially meaningful to assist individuals recovering from trauma, both past and current.  She has used Healing Touch as an adjunct to psychotherapy to quicken healing and deepen recovery.  She also uses Healing Touch to support the healing process from pain and illness in the body.

Sandra’s work is ultimately motivated by a desire to equip others to live with the greatest amount of vitality and balance.  In addition, Sandra enjoys time with her family and thrives as a musician, athlete, healer and loves traveling this life journey with others.

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