Diana Wright

Diana Wright


HT Mentor, Stone Empowerment Levels I and II, Basic DNA ThetaHealing®Practitioner, Aromatherapy Student

HTCP Certification Record

United States
Rock Hill

Healing Touch found Diana in 2013 after she had retired from her first career as a teacher. She now practices Healing Touch part-time at her home-based private practice in Rock Hill, SC. 

Diana also offers remote (distance) Healing Touch sessions regularly.

Diana has studied ways to include stones and crystals in sessions for clients who welcome the healing properties, frequencies, and attributes of the mineral kingdom. 

Healing Touch by Diana LLC
Rock Hill, SC--for mentees from anywhere
I charge for mentoring, I mentor individuals, I will mentor long distance, I am accepting new mentees, I mentor groups

My first mentee explained that she did not and would not choose to proceed through Certification, so she and I worked together through her Level 5 requirements, and she is now a HTP.

My second mentee had already achieved HTP and wanted to experience a different Mentor for Certification requirements, so we found out how to do that. She and I had enjoyed a warm and supportive HT relationship before I took Mentor Training, so she chose me once I completed the Mentoring course. She is now a HTCP.

I have worked with two other mentees who are, at present, pausing in the process because of multiple mitigating factors (one of which was the COVID pandemic). I understand their reasons and look ahead with hope that each will return to the mentorship process to continue toward their HT goals.

I look forward to working with other Healing Touch Practitioner-Apprentices and Practitioners who are led to me to walk alongside them on this wonderful journey.

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