Elizabeth Combs

Elizabeth Combs


United States
Winston Salem
939 Kearns Ave

Greetings! I work one-on-one via distance healing with clients around the world.

I also partner with groups, teams and boards on healing organizational challenges.

Please contact me to schedule time for a free chat to see if we are a fit for partnering in your healing journey.

Additionally I have been teaching yoga, movement, breathing, chant and meditation for over 25 years to people from all walks of life, all ages, all levels of mobility and health.

I weave elements of herbalism, plant spirit guidance, earth elemental healing, sound healing, tarot and astrology to my offerings. I enjoy bringing these elements to your healing journey when appropriate.

Additionally, I offer spiritual companioning and wisdom mentoring.

I have decades of experience working in non-profit environments, primarily health and human services, arts and environmental organizations. This experience forms the basis of my group healing offerings.

Most of my clients are healers and helpers dedicated to manifesting their highest consciousness in compassion and gratitude. I am blessed to work with each and every one of them (and perhaps you, too) in service to the unfolding of greater LOVE on the planet.

I charge for mentoring, I mentor individuals, I will mentor long distance, I am accepting new mentees, I mentor groups

If you are on your journey from HT Level 4 to Level 5 and perhaps Certification, I would love to connect with you about your mentoring needs and to explore whether we would be a fit for working together.  Having a great mentor is such a blessing; I know from my own experience. I completely support you in finding the best mentor for you (whoever that is!), taking your heart-centered goals, needs and wishes into account. Please feel free to contact me.

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