Ilona Bannerman

Ilona Bannerman


Sound Essence Vibrational Therapist, BEd

HTCP Certification Record

North Battleford
#301 A - 114th Street
S9A 2M4

Ilona Bannerman HTP, SEP, BEd.

Originally a farm girl from southern Saskatchewan, ILona has lived in North Battleford for 30 years. She is a mother of three adult children, a retired professional photographer and business woman. A professional teacher since 1983, ILona continues to teach in public schools, where she enjoys sharing mindfulness living techniques, and self-care energy techniques with her students and co-workers. She has utilized Healing Touch Program energy healing techniques since 2002 for family and self-care. In 2016 she decided to pursue Healing Touch Energy Medicine as a professional craft, and began taking the Healing Touch Program courses to fulfill the requirements for certification. ILona completed the Level 5 requirements in early 2019, and is thrilled to be practicing and promoting Healing Touch Energy Medicine!

ILona practices as an Energy Medicine Therapist at Lifeways Integrative Wellness Center in North Battleford.

Hands of Light Energy Medicine Clinic
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