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Brittany Histing


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Brittany Histing Nurse | Healing Touch Practitioner | Wellness Facilitator

Company: Surfing Waves of Light

 I am a Master's Prepared Nurse (RN, BSN, MSN) who has been studying and practicing energy healing since 2018. I worked for 6 years in the Emergency Deparment as a nurse where I cared for patients in all realms of critical care in both the inner city and rural setting. When my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in 2017, (with no curative treatment available by traditional medicine), I was inspired to devote my life to learning the true meaning of healing and the possibilties of healing. Simultaneouly and synchronistically I soon after met a women who had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer (and a poor prognosis) who had healed herself using a combination of traditional and non-traditional therapies. She gave me the table of contents for a book she was writing about all the methods she tried and using that as my map, I began my journey.

Right away, Energy Medicine practices stood out when it came to the non-traditional practices of healing and I was inspired to study Healing Touch (**Read Radical Remission by Kelly Turner for more information).

Currently, I have a small healing and wellness consulting business where I teach a mind, body, spirit approach to wellness. At Surfing Waves of Light, I offer

Healing Touch & Channeling Sessions || & Wellness Coaching including Year Round Surf Mentoring, Meditation, Space Organization and Clearing, A Course in Miracles Practice & Healing Foods as taught by the Medical Medium.

In my practice, I teach the methods that have most profoundly impacted my life and healing journey. The beautiful life I live today is a shining example of how powerful these practices are, and how they can not only release illness but significantly increase quality of life. There is no one way to heal, and so I practice holding space to assist the client in becoming their own healer. My goal for every client is to become self sustainable in their own healing.

Surfing Waves of Light | Life is Your Healing Journey. 


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