Carole Burris

Carole Burris


HTAP, Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Reiki Practitioner, Quantum Healing & Medical Intuition

HTCP Certification Record

United States
Shelby Township
48505 Golden Oaks Lane
(586) 719-4582

In 1997 I found a therapy called Healing Touch. I had read about energy healing but finding Healing Touch allowed me to really make it a part of my life and also to be able to help those I loved who had been in pain. It turned out I could help others as well with this wonderful healing modality, that was the direction that I wanted my life to go in and my formal education into energy healing began. I took my first Healing Touch class that year and continue to learn more about energy healing all the time. I have always had a strong desire to help people & animals, and I am very thankful to have found Healing Touch as well as other energy healing modalities to help me assist in their healing.

Other classes I have taken include:

* Carol Komitors – Healing Touch for Animals taught by Kathy Veder, CHTP, BS, HTACP

* Kim Seers – Medical Intuition and Quantum Healing Classes, taught by Diana Machnak QHP/I, CHTP.

* Kathy Sinnett’s – Energetic Transformations taught by Kathy Sinnett, HNC, RN, CHTP/I

* Reiki for people and animals with Aoghain Lakes

* Usui Reiki taught by Julie Kusiak, MA, Reiki Master/Teacher, PYT through Beaumont Hospital

* Shala Kilmer’s Intuition and Channeling taught by Shala Kilmer, Psychic Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Advisor, Teacher, Corporate Trainer, Workshop Leader, and Columnist.

* Lisa Williams - Advanced Mediumship - I am one of her Preferred Readers on Soul Connections as a Certified Spiritual Advisor, Lisa Williams, World Renowned Psychic Medium

* Val Williams,  Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead England - Advanced Mediumship 

* Healing Touch Programs – My Helpful Healing Touch

I have a private practice in Shelby Township in which I offer the following services: Healing Touch, Reiki, Energetic Transformation, Quantum Healing & Medical Intuition, distance healings, as well as Medimship, Psychic and Angel readings.

I teach energy techniques to individuals and groups. In addition to working with people I also love working with animals. I also use and sell Young Living Essential Oils.

I have taught energetic techniques at Gilda’s Club as well as given presentations on Healing Touch and how it works. I have also attended and assisted during Spa Days doing Healing Touch at Gilda’s Club. I also volunteer at William Beaumont Hospitals Integrated Health Department doing Reiki. I have assisted in Energetic Transformation classes, which was a wonderful learning experience.

I also teach children from 6 – 12 years old My Helpful Healing Touch which uses Healing Touch techniques for groups of 6 – 10 students.

Children will learn:
* Basic energy concepts in a simple and enjoyable format
* How to use healing energy for their wellness and self care
* How to balance their emotions through the use of breath
* How to elicit an internal sense of peace and calm
* Meditation for self care
* How to use their energy field as a protective shield
* To create stronger sense of self
* How to use the universal life force energy for comforting and caring

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