Jerry Becker

Jerry Becker


United States
1830 E. Hillcrest Ave

Jerry is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (2002) / Instructor, Qualified Mentor, Certified Ayurvedic Educator.

He was the Energy Therapy Director at Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center in Milwaukee WI for 12 years, where he instructed courses on: Ayurvedic Energy Healing, Pranic Healing, Chakra exploration, as well as subtle bodies, astral anatomy and Chitta Nadi Meditation. He continues to teach Yoga Teacher Students Astral Anatomy and Ayurvedic Energy Healing.

Jerry has been practicing energetic healing arts since 1990 with Chi Kung Healing methods in relation to his Martial Arts training that started in 1981. He teaches Tai Chi for health and relaxation, Chi Kung for health and vitality, and Push Hands for energetic balance, expansion and enhancement.

Using Ayurvedic principles, Jerry empowers clients to learn about themselves and helps them understand their unique place in the universe. He tailors diet, lifestyle, self-care techniques, meditation, energy therapy and exercise to each client to achieve a balanced and healthy life.

He has retired from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as a Research Device Instrument Maker for the School of Freshwater Science, and is now a full time GrandpaNanny.

He is a Labyrinth Walk Facilitator for the Anahata Labyrinth in Eagle WI.

Jerry oversees Ayurvedic Energy Healing and Healing Touch practice sessions monthly.

He will travel the Mid-West to teach Level 1 Healing Touch classes and all Levels of Ayurvedic Energy Healing.

Healing Touch Wisconsin LLC
Qualified Mentor
I charge for mentoring, I mentor individuals, I will mentor long distance, I am accepting new mentees, I mentor groups

Life Happens, so does Mentoring.  I enjoy sharing and exploring your talents and skills to assure you become the best healer you can be. Yes, we stay within the Healing Touch Program guidelines, after all that's what you will be certifying for. I work with you, help you through the growthwork, explore the nuances of your healing practice and assure you have a firm foundation in the underpinnings of Healing Touch.

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