C. Akua Wright

C. Akua Wright


C.N.H.P, G-Jo Acupressure & Meridian therapy, Master Certified, Holistic Health Doula/ Educator
C. Akua
United States

As a 40+ year Seasoned Health Professional, Akua has used her "Hand" to assist the community with their Self-Care. My talents include Certified Natural Health Professional,  G-Jo Acupressure & Meridian therapy, Master Certified, Holistic Health Doula/Educator.

Akua experienced 40 years of severe migraines, however one day, at age 25, she had a negative reaction to a prescribed drug that left her unconscious for 6 hours. Akua set out to develop a lifestyle of  being pain-free and has been sucessfully drug/pain free for over 20 years. She has enjoyed off the grid living for the past 5 years in a 24ft. RV full-time.

She applies a myriad of Ancient Healing therapies specially designed for each client. Using all Natural products with the Healing session, Essential Oils, Castor Oil pack therapy,  Ear Candles, Dry/Liquid herbal rememdies from her 5th Great-Grandmother's SC Gullah GeeChee receipes.

Akua incorporates Energy Medicine that facilitates Healing on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.

Akua offers Group Womb Healing Circles. Call/email to schedule a session in your area. I assist individuals with Cancer, Stroke, PTSP, Depression, Sexual Assault/Abuse.

Akua was part of the healthcare team assigned to a client for a Breast Cancer Lumpectomy at One Day Surgery at Atrium Health, Charlotte, NC in 2018. Energy Medicine provided relaxation for the client prior to the surgery and helped her with a complete fully conscious arousal for a faster discharge. The nurse commented that she could "feel" what I was doing to the client from the other side of the curtain, and the monitor never lies!

Akua has a website, https://sacredwomentemple.com  to assist women who have been the victims of Womb Trauma because I am a victor of sexual violence as a child. Whether is was domestic violence, rape, childhood molestation, abortions, hysterectomies, ovarian cancer, infertility, cyst, fibroids, etc. Sacred Women Temple is a safe, professional environment to assist you in every stage of Healing necessary.

Schedule an appt with Akua https://calendly.com/sacredwomentemple/free45minutecall and discuss your Self-Care Healing options and receive a FREE pdf on How to RELIEVE PAIN with your FINGERS!

As one of 38 Speakers of the Shift Network: Energy Medicine and Healing Summit April 2019, Akua's video produced emails from all over the world while demostrating an Ancient natural healing method called G-Jo Acupressure.

This summer I was part of Richland Cty Ag & Art festival held on Uhuru Farms. I offered a Mini Energy session in an outdoor Healing Tent. It was a accepted service for anyone with pain anywhere in the body, especially headaches. The reaction to the energy flow that was felt was reassuring while fully clothed and their feet on the Earth.


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