C. Akua Wright

C. Akua Wright


C.N.H.P, Medical Concierge, G-Jo Acupressure & Meridian therapy, Master Certified, Holistic Health Doula/ Educator

HTCP Certification Record

C. Akua
United States

As a 40+ year Seasoned Health Professional, Akua has used her "Hand" to assist the community with their Self-Care. My talents include Certified Natural Health Professional, Medical Concierge,  G-Jo Acupressure & Meridian therapy, Master Certified, Holistic Health Doula/Educator.

Akua experienced 40 years of severe migraines, however one day, at age 25, she had a negative reaction to a prescribed drug that left her unconscious for 6 hours. Akua set out to develop a lifestyle of  being pain-free and has been sucessfully drug/pain free for over 20 years. She has enjoyed off the grid living for the past 5 years in a 24ft. RV full-time.

She applies a myriad of Ancient Healing therapies specially designed for each client. Using all Natural products with the Healing session, Essential Oils, Castor Oil packs,  Ear Candles, Dry/Liquid herbal rememdies from her 5th Great-Grandmother's SC Gullah GeeChee receipes.

Akua incorporates Energy Medicine that facilitates Healing on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.

Akua offers Group Womb Healing Circles. Call/email to schedule a session in your area. I assist individuals with Cancer, Stroke, PTSP, Depression, Sexual Assault/Abuse.

Akua was part of the healthcare team assigned to a client for a Breast Cancer Lumpectomy at One Day Surgery at Atrium Health, Charlotte, NC in 2018. Energy Medicine provided relaxation for the client prior to the surgery and helped her with a complete fully conscious arousal for a faster discharge. The nurse commented that she could "feel" what I was doing to the client from the other side of the curtain, and the monitor never lies!

Akua has a website, https://sacredwomentemple.com  to assist women who have been the victims of Womb Trauma because I am a victor of sexual violence as a child. Whether is was domestic violence, rape, childhood molestation, abortions, hysterectomies, ovarian cancer, infertility, cyst, fibroids, etc. Sacred Women Temple is a safe, professional environment to assist you in every stage of Healing necessary.

Schedule an appt with Akua https://calendly.com/sacredwomentemple/free45minutecall and discuss your Self-Care Healing options and receive a FREE pdf on How to RELIEVE PAIN with your FINGERS!

As one of 38 Speakers of the Shift Network: Energy Medicine and Healing Summit April 2019, Akua's video produced emails from all over the world while demostrating an Ancient natural healing method called G-Jo Acupressure.



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