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Jaclyn Elda
United States
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Jaclyn has been involved in energy work since early 2000. She has been a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, working in the local area for over 20 years. She volunteers her work weekly to St. Joseph’s Hospital on a regular schedule. She also sees clients one-on-one as needs arise. At this time, she is completing course and client work to become a Healing Touch Licensed Instructor. As of this date (September 2023 ),she has successfully completed   Instructor AI2. Jaclyn has published a series of 'Energetic Gardening' Articles in ENERGY Magazine. She is also a Reiki Master and Teacher. 
Jaclyn works with Essential Therapeutic Oils, and holds the titles of both Raindrop Technique Practitioner and Neuro Articular & Skull Suture Techniques Practitioner.

By trade Jaclyn has recently completed a 36+ year career as an educator for Hillsborough District Schools, where she has been voted Teacher of The Year, has received some of the very first performance recognitions in the district, the eighth largest school system in the U.S.A., and has demonstrated outstanding performance for over three decades. Over the years she has been the recipient of numerous school-wide gardening awards, grants and has published, documented accomplishments. She lives in Tampa Bay with her companion, James Patrick Lynch where they maintain both organic and botanical front and backyard gardens.


Primary Teacher

Hospital/ HomeBound Program, SDHC

Jan 2016 – Present 7 years 8 months

After taking one year off from teaching in SDHC she has been working since 2016 with 3 young physically and cognitively challenged students in their home-care setting. Although she is acting as an Academic Teacher, the majority of her work with these clients is devoted to sensory/ oral language and Healing Touch Energy work that supports clearing, energizing and balancing their human energy fields.

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner HTCP/ I in training, YL Distributor

2014 - 2023

Intuitive Wellness Coach

InHeartshyne Wellness Ministry

Jun 2015 – Present

Since 2019 Jaclyn’s HT and  Intuitive Energy work sessions include by appointment  in-person Treatment sessions,  Long-Distance Zoom, and phone  sessions.

In August of 2014, she began a new avenue of instruction with Christie Marie Sheldon. Through CMS's Unlimited Abundance Program (UA) and the Intuitive Life Coaching Training (ILCT) she has incorporated a variety  of personal development and Intuitive Coaching techniques. Jaclyn has organized this, and has categorized it under the umbrella entity entitled  PRONOIA.  This term, the very opposite of PARANOIA, is her touchstone name for her bundle that stands alone or adds another degree of scaffolding and support  to her Healing Touch Clients. PRONOIA is her personal identification for her professional work, a useful term for naming Jaclyn’s customized  work for this complimentary client option.

The Covid 19  Situation changed the dynamics and avenues of Jaclyn’s pursuits  …  If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, then we can thank the epidemic for launching ways to reach goals.  Zoom, Distance Learning, and Virtual experience transformed Jaclyn’s HT Energy work..  Through Zoom she began Assisting HT1 Instructors with virtual 1Lv.1 HT Classes. Home tutoring transformed Hospital Homebound into Virtual teaching.  It did not end with the slow dissolution of the Pandemic, but delivery of instruction and learning changed and grew and such  growth continues.   If something good can be said about the Pandemic it was the creation of new delivery systems. Then came along new and complimentary Energy Medicine programs.  They included   and continue with Cyndi Dale’s Energy Healing Certification, and her Apprentice I and II Courses.  Jaclyn has completed her A1 and her A2 Instructorship.  She has also completed the HTSM 1-5 levels of Healing Touch Spiritual  Ministry Program.  Volunteer work at the hospital does continue , but now, the work has been taken to new levels through experiencing these avenues of educational and spiritual growth. THE PROCESS IS the PRODUCT.

To schedule an appointment or ask  any questions:

Jaclyn may be reached  through  her e-mail:  Wyldheart@ icloud.com or 813-390-6186.

She offers in-person sessions, ZOOM LD  or cell-phone treatments 

Thank you, Blessings to all.

                  Jaclyn Elda Chisholm MA , HTCP/IT                                                                                                             Updated Monday September 4, 2023


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