Claire Billings

Claire Billings


Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Advanced Bioenergy Practitioner, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, BioSpiritual Focusing Adv. Practitioner

HTCP Certification Record

United States
(301) 520-5845

Claire has over 27 years of experience in helping people reduce stress and pain  as they moving through difficult times in their lives (accidents, health conditions such as cancer and myasthenia gravis, surgery, career transitions, and family and personal situations) and to provide energetic support for their physcial and mental well being.  In addition to the Healing Touch techniques, Claire uses a blend of reiki and several energy modalities, intuitive sensing, and information and goals from the client to create a unique and customized healing session for each person.

In Feb 2008, Claire became the first reiki and Healing Touch volunteer at the Walter Reed's Mologne House though the Comfort for America's Uniformed Services (CAUSE) providing free reiki services to wounded soldiers to ease combat stress, PTSD, and to help reduce pain and help aid the body's natural ability to heal as they recover from injuries. Her pioneer work and support helped to pave the way for the CAUSE's current reiki program at Walter Reed National Medical Center (MD), Ft. Belvoir, VA; and Ft. Hood, TX.  She finds it immensely rewarding to be able to give back to our soldiers who defend our country and to their family members who support them. She was selected as a Cause Volunteer of the month and has received the Presidental  Volunteer Service Award for many years for donating over 100 hours a year.

I am providing virtual Healing Touch appointments, so you can receive the benefits of Healing Touch and long distance reiki energy from the safety and comfort from your own home. We will start a session with a phone call and discuss your current situation and goals. I will perform an energetic assessment to determine what areas need more attention. Often, I will verbally lead you through a guided meditation as I do the Healing Touch which will give you increased insight and help you access your body's wisdom and innate self healing power or for more relaxation, we will hang up the phone call while I perform Healing Touch and then we will re-connect at the end via phone to discuss how you feel.

I'm NOT currently accepting mentees

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