Penny Burdick

Penny Burdick


United States
74 Wilders Lane

Dr. Penny offers both individual Healing Touch sessions in her home office and distance healing sessions, as well as Full Spectrum Healing sessions using Himalayan singing bowls, hands-on energy healing and chakra crystals. She also volunteers as an HT provider for terminally ill patients with Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County. Dr. Penny offers treatment for pain, stress-reduction, emotional & mental issues, PTSD, past-life or ancestral issues, headache relief, chronic illness, pre- and post-operative treatment, and for reduction of side effects from cancer treatment. Dr. Penny also incorporates  advanced chakra and Hara work, specific organ treatments, Sacred Geometry, Angel Healing and intuitive healing in her energy healing practice.

She also hosts a monthly Zoom group of CAM students & providers, with interactive presentations by a wide variety of practitioners.

Penny has retired from teaching Healing Touch and mentoring HT apprentices as of January 2023.

Dr. Burdick worked for 34 years as a holistic family physician before retiring in 2011 to begin her private Healing Touch practice. 

Penny has long believed in the healing power of true empathy and unconditional love, and the strong relationship between mind, body and spirit in determining our state of health. She finds the holistic approach of Healing Touch ideal for promoting self-care and facilitating self-healing for both the  recipient and practitioner of this compassionate energy therapy.

Mandala Healing Touch
Retired from mentoring
I'm NOT currently accepting mentees

I am no longer mentoring in order to devote more time to my healing work & other community activities.

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